Feral Feline Shalimar Fox, played by Victoria Pratt.

FERAL Subject's DNA has been spliced with that of an animal. They possess many characteristics (mental & physical) of the creature.

TYPES (from most common to rarest):

Feline - cat, tiger, lion, puma, leopard, cheetah, cougar, etc.
Ursine - Bear
Canine - Dog, Wolf (Lupine), Fox (Vulpine), Coyote, etc…
Reptus - lizard, snake, alligator, crocodile, turtle, etc
Porcine - pig, boar, hog, etc

Bovine - buffalo, bison, yak, etc

Cervine - moose, antelope, gazelle, etc

Amphibian - frog, toad, newt, salamander, etc

Piscis - lamphrey, shark, barracuda, etc

Insectum - scorpion, spider, etc

Aves- eagle, hawk, falcon, owl, etc

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